ZJ Industrial Statement of Materials


ZJ Industrial Products has gone to great lengths to research and test a variety of components for its universal fittings. Durable, lasting materials are a critical benchmark in providing quality containment sump fittings. In addition to years of shop and field testing, ZJ Industrial has considered opinions and data from customers, suppliers, polymer materials manufacturers, Underwriter Laboratories, and independent research agencies, as well as successful consulting with test facilities including UL, Eryou Engineering, and the European Polymer Research Laboratory at Queens University, to confirm the suitability of the materials and applications made available for the demanding environments represented in UST and AST secondary containment sumps. Components and fittings found to use urethane and nitrile rubber-based materials have proven unreliable and vulnerable to the harsh conditions often associated with sump environments. To prevent degradation due to age, hydrolysis, microbial corrosion, and hydrocarbon vapor penetration, ZJ Industrial has targeted material products to exceed all current market standards.

ZJ Industrial provides fittings with the highest quality materials available in the market. From the interior housing forged with glass-filled nylon for strength and stiffness to the stainless steel clamps, bolts, and nuts. ZJ Industrial is excited to reveal that each fitting and test boot is constructed of “ProTex”, an exciting advancement in material design for containment sump pipe entry and test fitting components. ProTex is not rubber or urethane (TPU), is proven to be all fuels compatible (methanol, ethanol, and biofuels in all typical blends), exhibits no measurable hydrolysis, it is antimicrobial by design to remove microbial corrosion risk, and, with a specific designation, offers significant UV resistance. It demonstrates incredible memory, retains its elasticity over time, and in combination with the other properties, it is a material that allows ZJI to extend the Life of Sump Warranty when properly installed. 

ProTex has been aggressively tested to ensure compatibility with all the latest fuel types and blends and while using real-world scenarios (true sump environments). Countless hours of field and benchmark testing demonstrate ProTex performs significantly better than other UL listed materials available in the current marketplace. Original UL971 testing confirmed that ProTex meets their standard for fuel compatibility. Testing also included High-Density Hydrocarbons; Ozone; UV; High & Low-Temperatures; Water Saturation, and all current types of Fuels Saturation; Tensile Strength; Flexibility & Compression (with Torque); Microbial Corrosion; and Vibration Stress. Additionally, in the summer of 2018, ZJ Industrial successfully completed another round of 3rd-party testing to the new and more extensive UL2447 standard requirements for product application effectiveness and compatibility. 

All ZJ Industrial fittings are manufactured using ProTex material, glass-filled nylon, and stainless steel clamps, bolts, and nuts and, by doing so, provide the highest quality, most durable fitting in the market.