Installation Accessories and Materials

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
AC SIKA10Sikaflex Fitting Sealant, 10 oz Tube$12
AC SIKA10CASESikaflex Fitting Sealant, 10 oz Tube, Case of 24$210
AC MGun10Manual Heavy Duty Dispensing Gun for 10oz Tube$50
AC PGun10Pneumatic Dispensing Gun for 10oz Tube$78
AC PSeal200PetrolSeal Sealant/Filler, 200ml Cartridge$115
AC PSeal400PetrolSeal Sealant/Filler, 400ml Cartridge$155
AC MGun200Manual Dispensing Gun for 200ml Cartridge$197
AC MGun400Manual Dispensing Gun for 400ml Cartridge$217
(Note: PetrolSeal is the sole specified sealant/filler for New Hampshire)
AC FastFillFastFill Rapid Setting Fitting Filler, 20 oz Cartridge$90
AC MGun20Manual Dispensing Gun for 20oz Cartridge$151
AC PGun20Pneumatic Dispensing Gun for 20oz Cartridge$359
AC FastFuseFastFuse Fitting Bonding Solvent, 4oz Can (for XL fittings)$90
* Contact ZJI regarding the volume of sealant and/or filler needed for your fitting specification.
Fitting Hole Saws
AC HS3.25Hole Saw Blade & Arbor 3.25” for Small Housing$39
AC HS5.5Hole Saw Blade & Arbor 5.5” for Medium Housing$55
AC HS6.625Hole Saw Blade & Arbor 6.625” for Large Housing$72
AC HS*.*Hole Saw Blade & Arbor (size specification)Per Quote
Secondary Line Integrity Test Kits
MC LTStandardSecondary Line Testing Standard Jumper Kit$35
MC LTSingleSecondary Line Testing Single Kit w/ Valve$64
MC LTDoubleSecondary Line Testing Double Kit w/ Valve$105
MC LTCustomCustom Secondary Line Testing KitsPer Quote

Pricing as of Jan 2020