ZJ Industrial Statement of Fuel Compatibility

This statement is to certify the compatibility of ZJ Industrial Products manufactured sump and container fittings to all ASTM Methanol blended fuels, Ethanol blended fuels from E10 to E100, Biodiesel blends from B2 to B100, and DEF diesel exhaust fluid typical in fuel storage containment sump applications.

ZJ Industrial Product’s entry fittings are engineered and manufactured with UL listed materials that offer the greatest durability for in-sump application and have been third party tested (UL and other testing sources) for both material and simulated use compatibility. 

Additional successful testing with these products has included prolonged exposure to High-Density Hydrocarbons; Ozone; UV; High & Low-Temperatures; Water Saturation; Tensile Strength; Flexibility & Compression; Microbial Corrosion; and Vibration Stress.

If you have a need for any additional information or have any questions regarding this statement or specific products, please contact us at 844-850-0005.