ZJI Product’s RigidFlex fitting is a new construction design sump entry fitting that provides the benefit of having both a durable rigid housing for attachment to the sump, and flexible boots to absorb micro movements that occur in that environment. The design requires only one hole in the sump wall and bolts together internally for maximum gasket to sump wall sealing pressure.

ZJI Products Provides High Quality Sealing Solutions

Using a “one hole” only design our huge range of new construction semi rigid entry fittings are the ideal solution for sealing all pipe work and conduit in UST and AST Petroleum sites. ZJI offers a huge range from 1/2 inch (12 mm) to 8.8 inch (225 mm) covering every pipe manufacturer and material. Our fittings can be used on flat or curved sumps of any material including Fiberglass, Poly, Metals, and Concrete. ZJI fittings provide peace of mind and long term sealing against fuel and environmental conditions. All products are UL Listed and third party approved.