ZJI’s double-boot sump entry fittings use a single hole installation with embedded bolts to seal off the containment sump pipe entry. Installation is simple, quick and clean. The RIGIDFLEX fitting pairs with ANY manufactured containment sump and piping for an easy sump-entry solution. UV resistant, white design boots for AST applications and black standard boots for UST applications are available.

  • Made with PROTEX, a non-urethane, co-polymer material compatible with all fuel types
  • No measurable hydrolysis and naturally anti-microbial for significant durability
  • Double sided boot connection to pipe for quick install and maximum seal
  • Over-Molded bolts for quick install and fewer loose parts
  • 3rd party tested for compatibility to the UL 2447 requirements
  • Pre-installed gaskets over housings
  • Sizes for all new pipe options
  • Ethanol compatible
  • Low profile design for increased sump wall and pipe space
  • End-of-sump life warranty
ZJI RigidFlex sump, container, and vault entry fittings mounted on a display board.
flexible sump entry boot