ZJ​ Industrial​ Products​’​ RigidFlex​/RFEco design sump entry ​fitting​s​ ​are for new construction​/reconstruction applications and provide the advantages of both a durable rigid ​material ​housing for attachment to the sump​ wall​, and ​a ​flexible ​transition boot-to-​pipe to ​absorb ​the vibration and ​micro-movements that occur in that environment. ​ Installation requires only one hole in the sump wall​.  The ​internally bolted compression of both housing sides results in maximum gasket to sump wall sealing​ pressure​.​  The housing can also be bonded to the sump surface.  Test/Termination Fittings are highly flexible for a sure seal on the secondary to primary pipe surfaces. The universal design of these fittings are compatible with all manufacturers’ pipe type and size up to 14″, and with all containment surfaces like fiberglass, HDPE, metal, and concrete.  RigidFlex/RFEco and Test fittings are UL971 listed and covered under an End-of-Sump-Life warranty.​