Brugg Pipe Entry Fittings

ZJ Industrial Products pair nicely with Brugg piping applications and systems. Our new construction entry fittings offer a rigid housing with a flexible entry boot for maximum protection against the elements and corrosive nature of petroleum products. Thanks to the innovative ProTex material, our boots are unlike any other in the market. This non-urethane, naturally anti-microbial product provides significant advancements in entry fittings. This is a significant technological advantage for Brugg pipe entry fittings. Additionally, each boot is available in standard black or our unique UV resistant white finish, making ZJI entry fittings the perfect solution for UST or AST applications. Contact ZJI for assistance with Brugg Pipe Entry Fittings today.

Find the fitting that works best for your next Brugg Piping project by clicking on our simple chart below.

UV rated entry fittings with Brugg Pipe by ZJI

*ZJ Industrial Products is not a manufacture representative of Brugg Pipe and its affiliates. The ZJI entry fittings have been designed for universal applications and can be used with every major manufacturer of piping and sumps/containers/vaults/tanks.