ZJ Industrial UV rated entry fittings (AST)
UV rated entry fittings with Brugg Pipe by ZJI
Entry Fittings by ZJI for vaults

ZJI and Sump Entry Fittings

ZJ IndustriaI Products is a USA based supplier of leading design in new construction containment entry fittings, sump entry fittings, and test fittings for pipe in the global fuel storage, water supply, and wastewater handling markets. We build premium universal fittings to accommodate Brugg, OmegaFlex, Franklin, OPW, and ALL other major pipe manufacturers. 

Why Universal Fittings

ZJI RigidFlex Exploded View Entry Fitting
We have invested tens of thousands of hours to create the most innovative and advanced entry fittings in the world. Fittings are critical in providing a premium industry service. The conditions both in the ground and above are harsh and create havoc for safe, clean, and functional systems. The focus has always been about the material first. Each ZJI fitting is manufactured with a non-nitrile, flexible material called ProTex. Rubber (nitrile) fails. With ProTex, we can offer a fitting that includes a life-of-the-sump warranty and rest easy knowing the fittings will do the job.

Tested and Approved

Our fitting products are UL971 listed, third-party tested, compatible with all fuel and liquid types for their respective applications, and offered with a Lifetime Warranty.  These fitting designs are universally compatible with all applicable pipe types and manufacturer’s sizes up to 14″ (355mm) and are mountable on fiberglass, HDPE, metal, and concrete containers.  
ZJI fittings are sold through approved distributors in your local market. Our worldwide distribution capacity allows us to offer premium entry fittings for any job. Please contact us if you’d like to become a distributor or click here for a distributor account application.